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April 1: With Some Help From My Friends

The remodel is finished. Well, almost finished. We've had a difficult time dotting all the i's and crossing our t's. It's the small things we are procrastinating on, electrical outlet covers, light switch covers, scrubbing up the small paint dots on the floor, etc. That's it though. We are pretty much finished with the remodel. Luckily, we've had a little extra motivation recently to fully finish. That motivation comes in the image of another business sharing our space.

Let's take a two week flashback to bring everyone up to speed. During the remodel, we tore down the wall of the former work room to add extra square footage of retail space. We thought this was a great idea until we realized we didn't really have enough inventory to fill the new space. So what does a small business do? We reach out to others. We ask for a lending hand. Most importantly, we join forces with other small businesses to help increase our chances, and theirs, of succeeding in this market. 

Flying Possum fans, let me introduce you to High Voltage. High Voltage is a vintage store that is owned and operated by the most authentic person I've meet in Northwest Arkansas. If you've already heard of High Voltage Finds or ever visited the brick and mortar store formally on MLK JR BLVD, then you already know how awesome Taylor and her product are. High Voltage has filled the void left by the remodel. While doing so, we have formed a partnership that we feel can transcend niches and bring vintage, leather, shoes, purses, belts, hats, cups... well... you get the point... all under one roof. Personally, I find myself walking through the High Voltage area and just start counting all the items I want to buy. My favorite story so far about High Voltage is about understanding expectations. My expectation was time would be needed for the public to hear about our partnership. The truth is the first day we opened with our new partner, the first customers in the store came in specifically for High Voltage. They walked right past everything we have for The Flying Possum and headed straight to the new area. Several sold items later, I text Taylor to let her know and I could hear the excitement in her text, or at least I read it with real excitement. 

At this point, we are watching The Flying Possum | Since 1976 transcend niches, develop new relationships, and draw in a new generation of customers from our community. There is a future for this store. The future will honor the past but build toward sustainability with the help of our community. 

P.S. The paint is off the floor but we're still working on those outlet covers. 


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